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Outreach to Engineering and Science Graduate Students - iSchool Student - Michelle Phillips


Scale 1-4 (where 1 is the lowest and 4 is the highest)


Improvement in patron's work

1 – little to no improvement
2 – slight improvement
3 – some improvement
4 – a lot of improvement 

Professor can give
comments on the
rating and why
he/she chose that

Ease of using resources

1 – does not feel comfortable using resources
2 – slightly comfortable
3 -  somewhat comfortable
4 – quite comfortable

Professor can
indicate what types
of behavior was
observed that lead
to that rating

More informed of resources

1 – is unaware of resources
2 – is aware that resources exist
3 – is aware of resources and uses them some
4 – is aware of resources and uses them regularly

Professor can
comment on the
behaviors observed
and what lead to
the rating.

Increased use of resources

1 – No increase
2 – small increase
3 - medium increase
4 – large increase 

The professor can
comment on how,
if at all the student’s
work has improved with
increase usage of
the resources