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Rubric for Website Review

ASSIGNMENTDescribe a specific teaching situation you think you might find yourself in. Spend some time searching for a really excellent website that would help you in that situation. Keep notes on your search strategy along the way. You need to turn in three things in a single WORD document that will be assessed using the Rubric below.

  1. Clear description of the teaching situation you are imagining.
  2. Description of your search strategy that is detailed enough that I could follow it and see the website you selected among the results!
  3. Review of your selected website.
  Proficient Developing Marginal Not Acceptable
Description of Teaching Situation for Site Selected Clearly described teaching situation; site selected was a good fit Clearly described teaching situation; site selected not a very good fit Teaching situation vague; site selected a poor fit Failed to describe teaching situation
Quality of Site Selected Selected a site of exceptional quality; clearly spent time choosing. Selected a site of adequate or even good quality, but clearly could have spent more time looking. Site selected was passable but many better sites were easily found. Site was really of very poor quality, inadequate to the task.
Search Strategy Description of strategy was clear, logical, and demonstrated mastery. Strategy lacking somewhat in logic or persistence. Strategy too briefly described or demonstrated limited logic or persistence Strategy either not described or doesn’t result in website chosen.
Description of Site Publisher/Sponsor/ Author Complete & accurate description Incomplete description Description somewhat inaccurate; gave only name Failed to describe
Description of Contents of Website Complete & accurate description Incomplete description; missed some key elements Description somewhat inaccurate; missed many key elements Failed to describe accurately
Description of the Values/Uses of Website for Teaching Audience Complete & accurate description Somewhat inaccurate or incomplete Seriously inaccurate or incomplete in some way Description was way off, misrepresented values/uses
Convinced of Websites Values & Charms; or Enthusiasm of the Reviewer ... I was convinced, even excited at the prospect of visiting the site! I was pretty convinced of the values & uses of the site Review was lacking in enthusiasm I dozed off in the middle of the review