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Language (Learning) Lab - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Alice Bangs

Indicators Initial Emerging Developed Data Source
User experience 10% first-timers complete basic program. Improved language literacy expressed in general conversation skills. 40% complete basic program; 15% complete advanced. Improved language literacy expressed in reading and writing skills. 90% complete basic; 75% complete advanced. Language literacy attitude changes reflected in 50% participating in book clubs and conversation groups. Pre & post course surveys; ESL tutor reviews.
Staff training
75% aware yet disinterested; after staff training event, 15% complete basic program. More culturally aware, with general conversation skills. 75% complete basic program; 45% complete advanced. 75% staff engaging language learners. 100% complete basic program; 75% complete advanced; 100% staff aware of Language Lab service,  sensitively discussing and/or engaging users. Pre & post training surveys; feedback; self-assessment e-portfolios.
Facility/budget Prior under-utilized computer room 25% filled to capacity. 75% filled to capacity. Non- and for-profit groups pay to book space (e.g., college alumni travel clubs). Registration &  reservation logs; accounts receivable.
Technology 50% access of basic & advanced levels of web-based Mango in five languages. 75% access of basic & advanced levels, in ten languages. 100% access of basic & advanced in 20 languages; 25% access of more than one language per user.  Registration logs; system data.