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Online Learning Community - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Margo Gustina

Essential Element Exemplary Proficient Basic Below Basic
Teachers will participate in an online professional learning community As the teacher acquires skills through online tutorials and in her daily practice, he will share his knowledge with colleagues, collaborate with peers to apply new skills, and seek peer support in creating new teaching practices. Teacher will access Teacher Space resources and provide feedback to the LMS and peers about the content and effectiveness of skills training, and comment on its applicability to her current teaching practice. Teacher will utilize tutorial, lesson, and curricular and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the resources for his learning goals to the LMS. Teacher will watch a tutorial or access a resource from the Teacher Space website as needed.
Teachers will integrate 21st Century skills into classroom learning environment Teacher daily practice will be fully integrated with skills identified for student college and career readiness in the 21st Century, including sense making from a wide variety of media, and peer collaboration to solve problems and create new knowledge. Teacher will regularly use curricular resources and technology skills gained in Teacher Space to instruct students in digital tool use, reading for meaning in both print and digital formats, and group expressions of learning. Teacher will use curricular resources from Teacher Space to increase the level of skills training in her classroom including occasional group work and independent research. Teacher will use a lesson from Teacher Space for instruction when no lesson is planned or when required by an administrator.
Students will be engaged in learning enriched with appropriate technological tools Students will be fully engaged in daily differentiated instruction through varied technologies including web based tools for research, organization, and expression like Google Scholar, Diigo, and MyFakeWall. Students will regularly use digital tools for content knowledge acquisition and enrichment, including viewing video, and creating responses to content using video, audio, or visual display tools (like Glogster). Students will use the computer lab for classroom lessons on content using search engines for research, the library provided databases, and MS Office programs for expression, including Word, Excel for graphs, and PowerPoint for presentation. Students will visit and use the computer lab for the required lab sessions throughout the year and use the tools the LMS pre-loads for them, including ABCya, PebbleGo, and BrainPop.