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MyCarrel - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Andrea Heilig

Indicators Needs Addressing Meets Goals Exceeds Expectations Data Source
Participation Less than 5% of the student body uses MyCarrel and actively maintains their shelves 5% of student body is aware of MyCarrel and creates a personalized shelf
3% of above percentage maintains their shelf
<5% of student body utilizes MyCarrel and maintains their shelves weekly  
Data collection through Library Service
Creation of Shelves User shelf creation has dropped to less than once a week or stopped completely A new shelf being created/maintained by users at least once a week New shelves being created and maintain more than twice a week over the course of the semester  
Data collection through Library Service
Reference Service Recommendations No new librarian created shelves, drop in shared librarian shelves Each unit library has at least five reference created shelves and are actively shared with patrons Each unit library has over five shelves that are actively maintained, created, and shared with patrons  
Data collection through Library Service/Librarian Survey
User Satisfaction  
No feedback given, decrease usage of service
Patrons, librarians are providing feedback on MyCarrel and services they would like to see added/improved
Users are actively sharing and providing feedback on service
Focus Group, Data Collection,