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Internet Portal - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Hilary D Smith





Data Source

Usage of the Internet Portal

Very minimal usage, stemming primarily from the pre-existing Médiathèque site visitors.

Beginning of individual views, stemming from marketing campaigns.  Approx.  20 views/day.


100-200 views per day. Repeat users.

Website statistics

Usage of buried Médiathèque online resources

No change from current usage patterns.

Increase in usage of 'buried ' resources by 30%.

Increase in usage o f buried resources to reach an equal usage pattern as other non-buried online Médiathèque resources.

Website statistics - usage of particular resources on the Haras-Nationaux site.

Usage of exterior online resources included in the portal

Minimal users leaving the Haras-Nationaux site.

Increase in use of exterior resources by 20%, primarily exploratory.

Almost equal use of in-house and exterior resources.

Website statistics - Links to exterior sites and retrieval from exterior sources.

New user satisfaction

Minimal users -- limited satisfaction as lack of knowledge.

Increase in new users -- growing familiarity and satisfaction with portal.

Strong familiarity and comfortability with the portal.

User feedback surveys and Focus Group Interviews

Pre-existing user satisfaction

Difficulty to adapt to new manner of interacting with resources

Beginning familiarity and comfortability with new portal

Switch-over to solely using portal

User feedback surveys and Focus Group Interviews

Increase in breadth of collection

Lack of awareness of breadth.

Perception of breadth, but not in detail.

Strong understanding of all types of information available through the portal.

Focus Group Interviews