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Library Online Resources Orientation Game - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Alec Gilfillan

Indicators Beginning Developing Exemplary Data Source
Participation Is below the average attendance of campus-based orientation events.  Is similar to the average attendance of campus-based orientation events. Exceeds the average attendance of campus-based orienation events. Number of completed games reported by instructors.
Student Satisfaction Students report "dissatisfied"  or "confused" or "useless" on post-game surveys. Students report "neutral" or "slighty dissatisfied" or "slightly satisfied" on post-game surverys. Students report "very satisfied" or other positive terminology "helpful etc." Post-game surveys collected by instructors.
Instructor Satisfaction Instructors report dissatisfaction with service or do not wish to continue service next year. Instructors have suggestions for improvement but are somewhat satisfied. Instructors report very satisfied with the service. Comments from professors while collecting student data.
Librarian Satisfaction Librarians report disatisfied with the service. Librarians report satisfied with service. Librarians report very satisfied with service. Group discussion with librarians.