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Reference Service - iSchool Student - Ana Canino-Fluits

Weak Developing Exemplary Data Source
Reference Transactions Number of reference transactions at the both reference locations remains at current levels.
No notable grown among target groups.
Marginal increase in the number of reference transactions. Some growth among target groups. 10% percent improvement over present levels. Increase in use among target groups. Usage Statistics
Question Content Mostly directional questions about the library, with few reference questions. Mostly quick reference questions with some specific science questions. Mostly Science questions, with some general and quick reference questions, little in the way of directional questions. Reference Log
Interest level at the library Potential Patrons unsure about the purpose or disinterested in reference help. Minimal interest in why reference librarians are doing at the library, but few reference questions asked. Patrons appreciate the new location and like the service, find it convenient and helpful. Repeat customers and word of mouth draw new patrons. Feedback.
Staff Satisfaction/Morale Overworked and demoralized. Librarians are unsure whether the project is worth the effort. Staff struggles to balance work load with extra reference hours. Tentative optimism. Librarians work to adjust to new location, make new contacts. Some transactions   Committed and motivated, Librarians show a high level of professionalism at the desk while juggling their office work at the library Feedback at the team meetings.
College Staff College Staff access Reference resources, mediating for Faculty, but do not use the reference desk. College Staff tentatively approach the library location, express interest in the service. Reference Librarians are aware of the information needs of College Staff and tailor resources specifically for their use. Focus groups, Informal interactions with Reference Librarians.
Awareness of Reference Resources Students, Faculty and College staff unaware of the library’s Reference Resources Students, Faculty and College staff can identify some reference resources (databases, journal collections). Students, Faculty and College Staff can articulate how reference librarian can help them. Interviews, Surveys, Focus Groups
Faculty Contact Faculty stop by the library Reference location out of curiosity Faculty stop by the library Reference desk to ask about library resources or ask a reference question Faculty invites reference librarians to collaborate and commit to referring students that need reference help. Usage Statistics
Student Behavior Students do not seek reference help. Students seek help only after failing to find what they need on their own. Students seek reference help at the start of their writing process Interviews, Student feedback