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2nd Floor Project - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Jason Wilkins

Indicators Beginning Developing Exemplary
The transformation of the 2nd Floor into a quasi-makerspace leads to more teen & youth visits to the 2nd Floor. Current level of youth & teen visits Ten percent increase in visits Increase in visits of twenty-five percent or more
The remaking of the 2nd Floor leads to a higher percentage of local tens & youth who hold library cards. At present, about 25% of eligible residents under 18 hold library cards More than 30% of eligible youth have library cards At least forty percent of eligible young residents have library cards
The number of collaboration with outside organizations increases on the 2nd Floor. Current outside orgs with ties to 2nd Floor include Codecademy/ DEV DEV and the Mozilla Foundation  Number of outside collaborators rises by 50% Number of outside collaborators at least doubles
As the 2nd Floor builds a larger base of young makers, public events are held (with increasing frequency) to showcase their creations.
Public events are rare and sporadic Public events increase by 25% or more Public events increase by 50% or more, begin to occur on regular schedule
Positive press coverage of the 2nd Floor project (and the Chatt Library generally) leads to an increase in grant funding Current level of grant funding 25% increase in grant funding  At least 35% increase in grant funding