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Digital Download Training - IST 613 Draft Rubric - Asia Bonacci

Indicators Beginning Developing Exemplary
Circulation Stats 300 OverDrive titles downloaded monthly (including e-books, audiobooks, and music) A slight increase is shown after initial promotional push for digital download training (301-499) A 75% increase or better has been achieved, with over 500 titles being downloaded monthly
“Patron Technology Comfort”
Deal, L. & Discenza, A. (N.D.) Audiobooks [rubric]. Retrieved on April 4, 2011 from http://railsontrack.info/rubrics_details.aspx?wkid=106.
Users may not be aware of the downloadable content, and those who are do not know how to access content and “are reluctant to use it” (Deal & Discenza, N.D.) Users are aware of the digital download collection, ask questions about it, and participate in on- and off-site training sessions to gain access and skills (Deal & Discenza, N.D.) Users are aware of the digital download collection and access it regularly, using a variety of devices or using one particular device very skillfully (Deal & Discenza, N.D.)
"Staff Technology Comfort" (Deal & Discenza, N.D.) While some staff have been trained in the use of the digital download collection, most are not comfortable using it or assisting patrons in using it (Deal & Discenza, N.D.) Most staff have been trained and feel comfortable assisting patrons (Deal & Discenza, N.D.) All staff have been trained, can access the downloadable collection efficiently, and are eager to assist patrons and recommend the collection and specific titles (Deal & Discenza, N.D.)
Collection discoverability Patrons are interested in accessing digital media but do not know that the library offers it and do now know where to find it Patrons know the library has a digital download collection but have trouble accessing it regularly Patrons know about the collection and easily find it through the library’s web site to regularly check out titles
Digital download class participation—on-site Few pre-register, and less than 10 patrons attend each class Pre-registration increases, with 11-15 patrons registering and attending for each class Each class offered reaches capacity (16-20)
Digital download training participation-- off-site 5-10 people stop at training table to speak with librarians and pick up materials 11-20 people stop at training table, speak with librarians, participate in one-on-one digital download training, and pick up materials Table is consistently busy for the time it is set up. Many people express interest in the collection, ask for demonstrations and express plans to start using it.
Patron satisfaction with digital download collection Patrons do not know about the collection, or if they do are frustrated by lack of library assistance in making the collection accessible Patrons are aware of the collection and positive about the library’s offerings, but do not take advantage of training or assistance and are somewhat frustrated in accessing the collection Patrons are aware of and positive about the collection, access it often, and frequently make use of available training or other assistance
Patron reading habits

Patrons do not use the digital download collection and therefore do not read as much as they would like because they have difficulty getting to the library, fitting reading into their schedules, or are unaware of the ways digital media serve to increase their access to books 
Patrons know how digital media can increase their access to books but do not know how to use it, so reading levels do not increase Patrons read more because they can easily access material in more forms, making reading or listening to material more portable and easier to fit into their schedules